This is Rowan. He was born May 26th -- and even with the waiting-room-drama, it was the the absolute happiest day of my life, thus far.
I really never knew what I wanted to do with my life. The only thing I was ever certain of was that I wanted a family; a baby is more like it. I know what that sounds like, but I can't help it. I was just one of those women that always wanted to be a mom -- I know there are more of you out there. To my surprise, it took no more than one try for me to become pregnant. I'm not going to say that pregnancy was a dream -- I anticipated a lot, and researched plenty, so I was prepared enough for what came. What I wasn't prepared for was what comes with staying home all day with a baby for over a year straight without a car and without consistent help. Don't misunderstand me, I treasure the time I have spent and will spend with my son -- but I needed adult interaction, I needed intelligent conversation, and I needed to feel like I was contributing more than I was in my dire need to get a break from being a 24/7 house wife. 
When the opportunity to work presented itself, I took it. I left my husband at home with our son and set off to earn a living... and a life. I am employed at Robert A. Brandon, Inc., and being that it's located in Coral Gables, an area of Miami that's booming with boutiques, restaurants, and respectable business establishments of all sorts, I found the need to step-up my wardrobe. 
Going from a size 0 to a size pregnant that never needed to leave her sweat pants, I really had developed quite an apathy towards clothing all together. But due to the positive attention that I received from my coworkers, I began to rediscovered the love I had for getting dressed. It started simply enough with my trying to keep my outfits unique; never matching the same pieces as a whole more than once. After a while I started to become more adventurous -- trying color combinations and matching long forgotten accessories to try to keep my outfits different. 
All the while I was discovering the world of fashion blogs. My first step was to explore FemaleFashionAdvice -- which conveniently brought with it a bevy of pages for me to explore. It wasn't until Lookbook  that I realized this was something I could potentially do.
I'm not sure exactly where this is going but I'm having fun and it keeps me sane --- fashion makes me a better mom.


Charlotte Clothier said...

aw honey i know the feeling about being a mom, sometimes its just a natural instinct for us ladies to want one so bad, I guess I gotta wait though cus I have no money lol but I can't wait to have one! <3 xx

Jane said...

Thanks for that -- I knew I wasn't alone ;) Love the blog btw <3

Pip said...

Omg, I feel the same exact way! I am a stay at home mom without a car right now and it is definitely the hardest year and a half of my life. I started blogging because I needed and escape mentally and am so glad that I have a place to share my passions! I am not working yet, but I do look forward to the day that I start working again just to socialize with others. LOL! Some days are so rough, and no one understands I feel. Thanks for following me and I am now following you as well, and look forward to your future posts! Keep in touch!